ANYONE CAN CODE — We firmly believe that Coding is a fundamental literacy, and sits on the perch occupied by other forms of literacy, viz., reading and writing. And while anyone can code, not many will go on to become professionals at it. However, the skills and tools developed by practice of coding arms them to address many challanges which, while not requiring them to code, places them at a distinct advantage by knowing *what* to code and what *can* be coded. Somewhere along the journey that begins with Learning to Code, a perspective shift happens and we start Coding to Learn--and that marks begining of a profound transformation; making Computation your 'Sixth Sense'.

LSX SDK BRIDGE™ — While advocating end-user programming for business applications of all kinds, ASSET helps lending institutions; such as yourselves, achieve adaptive automation in their lending practices enabling them to focus on what matters to your customers -- innovative modern use cases. LSX is your "IQ Behind The Loan™". Learn more about how LSX can help your lending platform by leveraging our leading edge SDKMATTERS™ technology. Queries are most welcome from parties interested in onsite demo, know more about case studies, or conduct a joint POC.

ORDERING / PROCUREMENT INFO: LSX SDK BRIDGE™ is a licensed software. The procurement process begins with onsite demos and a POC. Please contact us to get started.

Looking review LSX License? Please view Commercial EULA. LSX Customer already? Great. Please find useful resources on our ESD Portal.

Intriguing possibilities open up when Lending Platforms connect. To see power of federated lending events stay tuned at at Matrix.Fund.

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